About Dadstache


Dadstache Records was founded in July 2013 in a living room in Rochester, NY by JT, Joe, and AJ. Initially, the goal was to preserve, promote, and celebrate the music created in the Rochester area. Today, Dadstache is run by JT and has expanded to release high quality cassette tapes and records by independent artists from around the world.

Dadstache has been described as "a label that’s provided a nest for the old souls of modern indie rock; bands with the bite of the 2010’s, but with intentional influence from the Wilson’s and Dylan’s at the root of the genre’s current iteration," and we take that seriously. We strive to work with bands who take the classic sounds of yesteryear and update them in new and exciting ways for the youth of today. That's why we believe in "Dad Rock For Young Punks."

Where To Get Dadstache Music

To support the label and artists directly, our tapes and records can be purchased through our store, and digital downloads can be purchased through our bandcamp. Many of our releases are available on most streaming platforms for free as well. Dadstache Records is a part of the Misra Label Group, distributed by Redeye.